7 Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Getting Traffic to Your Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing is like any other internet business model. The more targeted traffic you have coming to your website, the more profitable you’re likely to be. It’s not a guarantee, however, if you don’t have any traffic you are certainly not going to reach your profit goals. So let’s take a look at how to get traffic to your affiliate website.

Here are seven tips to drive traffic to your site:

#1 Social media sites.

Social media is superior at driving traffic to a website. Each post you create has the potential to reach thousands. If only 10% of those people it reaches visit your website, you still have hundreds of visits each time you post. And it’s a great way to build incoming links, boost your credibility, motivate sales and build a community.

#2 Article marketing.

One well written and informative article submitted to a few article directories can accomplish a number of traffic generation goals.

-When people read the content, they’re likely to click through to visit your website.

-Links in your article, to your website, will boost SEO page ranking.

-Publication tends to generate interest and awareness which both lead to more traffic.

#3 Blogging.

Post on your own blog or be a guest blogger on a blog with a large number of subscribers. Like social networking, if you offer an informative or entertaining post, you’ll have people clicking through to your website and generating traffic

#4 Comment on other blogs.

Participate in your online community. On most forums and blogs when you participate and comment you can post a link to your website in your signature. This actually can generate a ton of website traffic, particularly if you’re posting informative and interesting comments on relevant blogs.

#5 Video Content

Video seems to be the big thing right now and it really works. Video tends to be much more viral and can generate a lot of traffic. Just as you would with any content you put out there, make sure it offers value to your prospects.

#6 Joint Venture Partnerships

Partnering with a relevant or compatible business can work quite well to generate traffic to your affiliate website. A partnership can be anything from guest blogging on each other’s sites, swapping advertisements or even promoting one another in your ezine.

#7 Publish reviews for websites and directories.

This works a bit like article marketing except that you’re reviewing products and/or services relevant to your industry. Make sure to include a link to your website in your review profile.

There are a number of useful ways to drive traffic to your affiliate website. Be creative with it. Connect with your audience where they hang out and provide them with the information they’re looking for.

Affiliate Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn a passive income. You can also grow your business to provide a full time salary for you and your family. The profits you are able to earn depend on your goals and your level of commitment. In order to succeed and help you achieve your affiliate marketing business goals, we’ve compiled a list of affiliate marketing dos and don’ts:

Do: Spend time finding the right domain name. Look for one that is memorable, descriptive and includes keywords that people would use when searching for the products and services you’ll be marketing.

Do: Research and know your keywords. Ideally, you’ll find a number of keywords that have low competition and high search volume. You can find this information by using a number of free keyword tools found online.

Do: Create a content plan before you launch. Make sure you have a wealth of topics to talk about or write on. Your keywords may be able to help you with this task. Content is your foundation. Create audio, video, or print content – whichever suits your market and your personality and skills.

Do: Consider a blog. Blogs have a knack for catching the attention of search engines. And they can be added to an already existing website to market your brand and personality.

Don’t: Just put up a website full of content and sit back. The more frequently you update your website or blog, the more traffic you’ll have. People like fresh content and the search engines do too.

Do: Strategically integrate affiliate links into your content. These links tend to work better at generating click throughs than banner ads.

Do: Use social networking to build your business. Social networking may be your most successful marketing tactic. It’s a fabulous way to interact directly with your audience and to increase awareness. Create an attractive and compelling profile page for each site, and include links to your website. This alone will help you get better search engine rankings and traffic.

Don’t: Merely promote on social networking sites. Interact. Visit other members’ profiles, add some friends, and join and participate in some groups or forums.

Do: Use a variety of content to promote your affiliate products and services. Options include but are not limited to:

Online courses or autoresponder courses
Tips, quotes or information nuggets
Blog posts
Video content

Do: Consider using a pay-per-click advertising campaign. This type of program allows you to bid on keywords related to your business in order to get visitors to your site. You can set a budget that will not be exceeded, and you only pay for actual visits. The most popular pay-per-click provider is Google AdWords (Adwords.Google.com), but there are also several others to choose from.

Do: Use analytics. Find out what articles and information is attracting attention and what keywords people are using to find your website or blog. This information will help you fine tune your content strategy so you can provide more of what your audience is looking for.

Don’t: Join any and every relevant affiliate program. Only join those you feel strongly about and those which have good affiliate programs. This means good commissions, pay out times, customer service, and a quality reputation.

Do: Have fun! Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a living. Your enthusiasm for your topic and your business will be contagious. You’ll attract a fun group of people who are as passionate about your topic as you are and you’ll build a profitable community of followers.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make profits online. It’s a business model that supports many lifestyles. It’s also a great way to spend your day – making money talking about a topic you love.

Affiliate Marketing Basics – What Is It And How Do I Start?

Affiliate Marketing Basics – What Is It And How Do I Start?

Affiliate marketers have been around for quite some time now. The business model continues to adapt and change as the industry and consumers change. However, it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down as a business model. It is still quite a viable and potentially profitable way to make money.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an internet marketing business model where a person earns a commission based on sales or website visits they have a direct influence on. Different businesses offer different affiliate programs. Some pay a commission for each sale a person sends them while others pay for click throughs to their website. Generally, most pay based on sales.

However, an affiliate marketer isn’t a ‘salesperson’. Their job is to promote products and/or services, not to sell them.

An affiliate may promote products in a number of different ways. Generally an affiliate marketer will have a website devoted to a niche topic – say, for example, coffee mugs. They’ll write content on coffee mugs, review coffee mugs, review stores that sell coffee mugs and discuss the finer details about coffee mugs.

The content they write or produce will link to websites that sell coffee mugs. The affiliate marketer has presumably signed up for their affiliate program and each time someone reads their content, clicks on the link and buys a coffee mug, the marketer earns a commission.

It’s a great business model because just about every product or service under the big yellow sun has an affiliate program or two available. This means you can earn money writing and talking about a niche you’re passionate about. Love yoga? There are affiliate products you can promote. Enjoy working on cars? There are affiliate programs for you too.

So How Do You Get Started as An Affiliate Marketer?

The first decision to make is what niche topic you’re going to focus on. Find a topic you can write or talk about every single day. Find a topic that gets you excited and out of bed and keeps you up late at night.

The second step is to then take your passion and do some research. What affiliate programs fit your niche? You can search affiliate directories and there are a few good ones to join. You can also search for quality companies that you enjoy and would be delighted to represent and if they don’t have an affiliate program, tell them you’re interested in promoting them and see what happens. Most businesses have a link on their website if they have any type of partner or affiliate program.

Finally, look into how you want to structure your business website. Do you want to host a blog or a content based website? What type of content do you want to provide, audio, video, written? It’s up to you and your strengths and preferences.

Read up on your audience and your industry and start creating content. Social networking is a great way to promote an affiliate business because it enables you to interact with other people who are interested in your topic.

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful business model for both part time and full time entrepreneurs. It gives you the unique opportunity to make money talking about something you enjoy.

Happy selling!

Affiliate Marketing – A Great Source Of Passive Income

Affiliate Marketing – A Great Source Of Passive Income

Ever wonder if there’s a way to spend your days talking, writing, and discussing a topic you’re passionate about and make money doing it? Imagine being able to spend your days talking about your favorite soap opera, car, sport, hobby or interest and actually make passive income. Affiliate marketing may be the answer to your prayers.

What Is Passive Income?

Passive income is income that comes to you passively, without a hard sell. For example, if you knock on someone’s door and say, “Hey, wanna buy…” that’s not passive income. You’re asking for the sale. However, if you email them an informative article and they click on a link in that article and make a purchase, that’s passive income.

It’s defined as “An income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.”

Using the example above, if you email that article to 1000 people, they forward it to friends, family and associates, one article with a few links could generate a lot of passive income.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an internet business model where entrepreneurs make passive income promoting products. They earn a commission for each sale they influence. Sales and click throughs are tracked with unique affiliate links.
Generally, affiliate marketers make their money by creating content in the form of:

* Audio
* Video
* Articles
* Reports
* Ebooks
* Autoresponder courses
* Online courses
* Social networking posts
* Blog posts

They include links to relevant affiliate products or services in their content. Readers or visitors click through and make a purchase. The affiliate marketer gets a commission on that sale. Content is generally considered the single most important tool an affiliate marketer has to make a passive income.

The Ideal Lifestyle?

As an affiliate marketer the goal is to find a topic you’re excited to spend your time writing and talking about. In addition to content, you can also get involved in your community, participate in social networking, blog, guest blog and make sure you’re noticed.

As an affiliate marketer you’ll need a website or blog, passion for your topic, and a means for communicating with your audience. You’ll also want to have a few quality products or services to promote. Once you’ve set up your affiliate business, it is passive income. Create content, link to your relevant products or services, and make commissions.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living. There’s no other way to live an ideal internet entrepreneur lifestyle. Take the time to set your business up right and the sky is the limit, all your business building dreams can come true.